Here at The Bridge, we are a group of Christ-following individuals
who share their God-given talents and skills with our church.
Jose Arzate
Pastor Jose was called to become the pastor of The Bridge Church in September of 2022. He and his wife, Natalie are energetic and passionate leaders and parents to a one year old son.
Worship Intern
Noah Bazycki
Noah is our Worship Intern for the 2022-23 year. 
Finance and Administrative Assistant
Charlotte Donaldson
Charlotte was born and raised in Arlington, Texas and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Texas A&M.  A loyal church member since 1997. She met her husband David in this church.  They have two sons in college. Faithfully serving for over ten years, she enjoys using her gifts to serve the Lord and our church.
Pat Donaldson
Pat was born in Memphis, TN and graduated from Messick High School. Married to Paul, they had two sons and moved to Moscow, TN to build a home and start Paul’s general contracting business. She taught children’s church for almost 30 years in Oak Grove Church. When her husband passed, she came to live in Texas to be close to her sons. “God is good and I love it here!”